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Eat N Meet!

Eat N Meet
Grace Connolly Park
Bring a side dish or snacks for the group. More details on our Facebook page or contact us for more details.

Map: Click here

Nets you may find interesting!

Black Swamp Shut-In Net
Friday-Saturday 8:00PM Local
146.610 repeater 103.5 PL
Social Distancing made easy. Great list of nets from all over the area and all over the sprectrum!

  • Toledo 2m 147.270+ Sun 7:30PM 103.5PL, TMRA Q & A
  • Toledo 2m 147.270+ Sun 8:30PM 103.5 PL, TMRA Swap Net
  • F.R.A.T. 2m 146.835 Thur 8:30PM

  • Monthly meetings

    Temporarily postponed until further notice.

  • WHO: All Society members and their guests
  • WHAT: NW Ohio Black Swamp Radio Society, INC. Meeting Location
  • WHERE:For odd numbered months we will select a restaurant for our meetings and for even numbered months we will use St. Luke¬ís Lutheran Church, 1690 West Sterns Rd. Temperance MI 48182 (northeast corner of Sterns and Jackman Rd).
  • WHEN:Effective immeadiately meeting dates will be the last Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM EST.
  • WHY: To facilitate the business of the Society and take actions which fulfill our mission
  • HOW: In person

    As a public membership group which provides a useful service to the community we are being provided the facility at no-charge. We will have access to the kitchen to prepare coffee, tea, cocoa etc., which we must provide. We are responsible for all clean-up needed to return the facility to use by others.

    Although the facility is being granted on no-charge basis, I recommend that we have canister or basket to suggest a nominal ($1), free-will donation by each participant that will be offered at the end of the year to the church as a donation by us. Please share this with the rest of the Board and then the general membership.

    Updated by James 01/19/2019

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    About Us

    The Northwest Ohio Black Swamp Radio Society is a not for profit group that serves northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Our members consist of both Amateur radio and GMRS radio enthusiast. We meet regularly every Saturday at 8pm EST on a local repeater at 462.575mhz with a 186.2 pl tone. A GMRS liscence is required to participate but anyone can listen in.
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    To advance the general interest and sciences of Amateur and Personal radio in the Community, and support backup community communications when called upon to do so. Community service communications and traffic handling during times of disaster and performing disaster relief.

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    Resources and Documents

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    Contact us

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    Local Repeaters

    442.850 with a 103.5 pl tone TMRA Ameteur repeater
    462.575 with a 186.2 pl tone GMRS
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    Question and answers

  • What is GMRS?
    GMRS stands for General Mobile Radio Service. It requires a liscence to use. GMRS channels are for short-distance two-way communications. Through the use of a repeater the distance can be extended to serve a larger area.
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    Cool Beans

    Information Nuggets
  • Here are links to both sides of a conversation from Oregon Ohio to Sheboygan Wisconsin.

  • Spare one emergency telephone is powered by AA batteries and is great as an emergency phone. $25 Annual Plan Includes SpareOne Locate and Alert service and 120 minutes of nationwide calling. Includes basic voicemail, call waiting and 3-way calling.

  • Flaws in chinese hand helds.

  • BTECH GMRS-V1 GMRS Two-Way Radio (GMRS Repeater Capable) with Dual Band Scanning Receiver (136-174.99mhz (VHF) 400-520.99mhz (UHF))

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